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WCF Web API is now ASP.NET Web API

For the past year, I’ve been studying and exploring the preview releases of WCF Web API. The result of these activities is reflected in a series of posts presenting its programing model, processing architecture and extensibility points.

However, WCF Web API was recently renamed as ASP.NET Web API, as the result of its merge with the Microsoft Web platform, namely with ASP.NET MVC.

This renaming is n0t just mere branding issue; it reflects changes in both the programming model and processing architecture. For instance:

  • The programming model is now based on the controller and action concepts, used in ASP.NET MVC, instead of on the service and operation concepts, from the WCF world.
  • Operation handlers were removed and a model-binding mechanism was introduced.

As a consequence, some of my WCF Web API related posts are now software archeology.

However, in the near future, I will be posting more information about this new programming model and processing architecture. Stay tuned.