Introduction to Algorithms, third edition

Just received an email announcing the third edition of the excellent “Introduction to Algorithms”, by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein, that will be published this year. It contains a new chapter on multi-thread algorithms, that is freely available in PDF format.

I’ve been using this book on my introductory Algorithms and Data Structures course and I’m very pleased with it.

2 thoughts on “Introduction to Algorithms, third edition

  1. Peter Santiago


    Hope this note finds you well.

    I saw your name on

    I am currently struggling with a decent WCF router example.

    I am looking to use…

    WSHTTP Binding
    Have client make request to router – using a x.509 cert.
    Router pass request to service which will then use soap headers or something to authorize user in downstream service.
    Service will pass result back to router than to client (request / response)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated



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