1 thought on “.NET Services at Lisbon’s DevDays 09

  1. rsantos

    I don’t know if can watch the MIX09, but I leave here my
    contribution (maybe i can see some explanations in
    slides / videos).
    In a few months ago when they tried Windows Azure and NET Services (Service Bus and Workflow Services) I found some problems. The scenario was this:

    In localhost:
    -> had a webservice http://localhost:8081/webService.scv (with
    factory WorkflowServiceHostFactory)
    -> One App to run in IE (Xaml browser App (XBAP))

    No .Net Service:
    -> Register from my web service on bus service
    servicebus.windows.net / services / rsantos_Services / foo /

    From the application, I access the webservice foo and foo service accessed the web service webservice:
    app.xbap ——> servicebus / … / foo

    servicebus / … / foo —–> public_ip_to_my_computer: 8081/…/webservice.svc

    servicebus / … / foo <—– public_ip_to_my_computer: 8081/…/webservice.svc

    app.xbap <—— servicebus / … / foo

    The problem began to appear because my webserice is in port 8081 … (I do not know if that problem is already solved now with the version of January 2009) after placing them on the port 80, there was still the problem of
    forwarding the ports (i was behind a NAT, MEO router from default).

    But these problems I could solve, the major problem I found was the latency that this process involves. The
    operations in my service is basic and takes about 5
    seconds connecting the App directly to my local webservice. The time using the SB was about 30 seconds, so there is some 25 seconds more because I use the SB.
    Maybe i was doing something wrong, but could be something to examine if you have time …

    So something that I would like to see at MIX09 is some study about the latency caused by registration of a webservice in bus service.

    Cheers and nice presentation,
    Rui Santos


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