"Zermatt" is now "Geneva"

The “Zermatt” framework is now called “Geneva“. I addition to the “Identity Framework” already present in “Zermatt”, the “Geneva” platform also includes:

  • The “Geneva” Server – a server similar to ADFS, but with support for the so called “active profile” (WS-Trust) and also for the information card model.
  • The “Geneva” CardSpace – a newer version of the Windows CardSpace identity selector.

The changes in the “Identity Framework”, from the July 2008 version (“Zermatt”) to the October 2008 version (“Geneva”), are documented here: http://connect.microsoft.com/Downloads/DownloadDetails.aspx?SiteID=642&DownloadID=14702

1 thought on “"Zermatt" is now "Geneva"

  1. Luís M. Costa

    I’m anxious to know witch Microsoft framework will be called “Lisbon”… Maybe some framework for developing Magalhães specific software will worth the distinction.


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