The case of the missing ‘Dialect’ (epilogue)

Just a couple of concluding remarks on this series of posts.

1. Claims checking

The scenario presented in the previous posts contains a subtle flaw: the claims are being requested but not being checked by the service. Even in the first version, where the claim requirements are configured in the service’s binding, the presence of this claims in the message received by the service is not checked.

For this purpose, we must use a custom ServiceAuthorizationManager that overrides the CheckAccessCore method to check if the required claims are contained in the ServiceSecurityContext.AuthorizationContext property.

The BizTalk services SDK already contains such a class in the FederatedAccessManager sample project, so the following assignment will solve this flaw.

   1: sh.Authorization.ServiceAuthorizationManager = new System.ServiceBus.Samples.FederatedAccessManager();


2. The model below

The WCF platform defines a security framework based on the security model proposed by the WS-* family of specifications. It’s my opinion that platforms such as WCF simplify but do not isolate the architect/developer from this underlying model. This series of posts also aims to illustrate the importance of its knowledge.


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